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Our Vision to Shape a Brighter Tomorrow

Family Hayride

Family First

Alexandria wholeheartedly supports a robust approach aimed at strengthening the cornerstone of our society: the family unit. Rooted in conservative values, Alexandria's unwavering goal is to rebuild the great American Economy. However, she firmly believes that a prosperous nation starts with strong families. Sadly, the liberal policies of the current administration have systematically eroded the fundamental fabric of the family unit. Alexandria is resolute in her mission to restore the true meaning of 'family' to its traditional roots. She recognizes that vibrant communities and a flourishing nation can only be achieved through the foundation of solid, traditional families. With an unwavering commitment to conservative principles, Alexandria champions a comprehensive plan that empowers families, offering them enhanced opportunities and essential skill sets to uplift both Michiganders and all Americans, ultimately breaking the chains of poverty.

Energy Independence

Alexandria advocates for an approach that places energy independence at the forefront of Michigan and American policy. This agenda is firmly grounded in the principles of transparent governance and individual liberty. In order to achieve true energy independence, we must foster a free market that levels the playing field for all energy sources to compete. Alexandria supports the elimination of burdensome regulations and barriers that stifle growth and innovation. By developing a robust policy framework that encourages investment in infrastructure and job creation, we can effectively reduce our reliance on volatile foreign energy sources. Alexandria firmly believes that by prioritizing Michigan's energy sovereignty, we can secure a prosperous future for our state and our nation while preserving our conservative values of self-sufficiency and economic freedom.

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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

National Security

Alexandria staunchly stands behind a robust military force and advocates for the restoration of our Armed Forces as a powerful deterrent. Under the current leadership, our great nation is perceived as weak, leaving us vulnerable to potential attacks. To secure a safe and prosperous future, we must chart a new and resolute path rooted in strength and unwavering principles. Moreover, it is imperative that we hold China accountable for its aggressive actions. China's aspirations to dominate and impose a global communist regime are a direct threat to our national interests. We must ensure that every American dollar invested and every life sacrificed in defense of our nation yields tangible benefits for all Americans. Alexandria firmly believes in safeguarding our sovereignty, preserving our military might, and forging a brighter future that upholds our conservative and safeguards the interests of Michigan and our great nation.


Alexandria wholeheartedly supports a comprehensive plan to educate our next generation about the timeless values on which our great country was founded. She firmly opposes divisive politics rooted in identity, submission, and a victim mentality. Instead, Alexandria advocates for educational empowerment, recognizing that a strong education is key to individual success and the advancement of our society. She passionately fights for expanded educational opportunities for all Michiganders, ensuring that every student has access to quality education. Moreover, Alexandria stands firmly against politically driven curricula that promote progressive ideologies. Together, we can nurture a new generation of leaders who are equipped to uphold the values that have made Michigan and our nation great.

Throwing Caps
Election Day

Election Integrity

Alexandria supports a comprehensive plan that upholds the integrity of our elections in Michigan and our great nation.

At the heart of our democratic system lies the cherished principle of liberty, and the cornerstone of this principle is the ability to freely and fairly cast our votes. Safeguarding the faith and trust in our elections is a paramount priority for Alexandria. Our state and nation require robust policies that promote truth and transparency throughout the voting process. Nothing less than the preservation of our republic is acceptable. The demand for voter integrity echoes resoundingly across our state and nation.

Alexandria is unwavering in her commitment to fight for policies that ensure every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast a single ballot that is counted once. Anything short of this is a failure of our system, and those responsible shall and will be held accountable. With unwavering determination, Alexandria will work tirelessly to protect the integrity of our elections, preserve the sacred rights of every citizen, and safeguard the future of Michigan and our great nation.

Law & Order

As an esteemed attorney, Alexandria possesses a deep understanding that the rule of law is indispensable to the fabric of our nation. The safety and security of our communities can only be achieved when crime-ridden streets are transformed into havens of peace. The pervasive spirit of lawlessness that has plagued our cities and towns is unacceptable. Alexandria stands unwaveringly committed to robustly funding our law enforcement agencies and championing law and order.

Drawing on her experience as a seasoned attorney, Alexandria comprehends the vital importance of law and order and seeks to bridge the divide that has fractured our communities. She is resolute in her determination to restore trust in law enforcement and dispel any lingering stigma. The re-establishment of the rule of law is paramount, and Alexandria will tirelessly fight to ensure its resurgence.

Under Alexandria's leadership, we can reclaim the strength and security that comes from a society governed by the rule of law. Together, we will rebuild our communities, protect our citizens, and foster an environment of lawfulness that reflects our shared values.

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